Norwegian ‘Svartmetall’ poets VARDE unites with Nordvis

Jan 7 2020

We’re delighted to announce that Nordvis will be forging forgotten and forlorn art together with Norweigan ‘Svartmetallers’ VARDE for the years to come. Originating from the woodlands of Hedmark, the duo pays devotion to their Norwegian poetry and folklore of old. In combination with tunes that conjure feelings from a lost 90’s, VARDE is in many aspects equivalent to the vision of Nordvis.

The first meeting with the tunes of VARDE pierced our hearts with flames of a bygone time. Elements that in the modern days has almost been lost and forsaken came to life again and a feeling of home embraced us.

After the raging wild and mysteriously beautiful EP “Asgaardsreien” the duo is currently working on their debut opus which is scheduled for release mid 2020.