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Örnatorpet: A memory of fairer days

Jun 5 2024

Today, Örnatorpet presents the first single from the upcoming “Fordomdags”. The eighth album from Sweden’s leading dungeon synth project will be released in all relevant formats by Nordvis on September 20, 2024.

The title of this wordless track, "Af skönare dar ett minne" (‘A memory of fairer days’), was taken from Månestrålar by Swedish poet Carl David af Wirsén. The poem holds significant meaning for the album; it not only inspired many of the song titles but also profoundly influenced the emotional sentiments imbued in the music.

Örnatorpet commented:

The song is connected with nature and mysticism, partly reflecting how the world was long ago, before modern society when humanity was closer to nature – ’Fordomdags’ (’In former days’), so to speak. On a personal level, it evokes a sense of nostalgia for one's upbringing and the simplicity of childhood. The forest has always been sacred to me, even as a child, and I imagine it was even more so in the past when folklore and such were more present. I feel a certain longing for that time, even though I never lived it. Everything must have been so different – both more peaceful and more threatening – and it all takes on a magical glow when I think about it.

Single artwork by Fåntratt.