ÖRNATORPET | Vid Himinsenda out now!

Oct 31 2019

Today, dungeon synth sorcerer Örnatorpet returns with the new anticipated album "Vid Himinsenda"

Thus far, it is rare for Nordvis to work with a dungeon synth artist. As the genre has experienced remarkable growth the last five-plus years, so, too, has its overall quality been inversely affected. Among that glut, however, Sweden's Örnatorpet stands tall: cold and alone, gleaming and glimmering myriad shades of mystery all emanating from the richest obsidian. So smitten with the artist's work that Nordvis welcomed Örnatorpet into its family with last year's Bergtagen, followed by Hymner Från Snökulla earlier this year. 

Paradoxically, for music so glacial, Örnatorpet works at a feverish pace, and now arrives the artist's second album this year, Vid Himinsenda. As ever, the magick 'n' mysticism of the mid '90s is invoked once again, recalling the long-lost sounds of such originators as Mortiis, Fata Morgana, and Trolltjern. Despite working exclusively with synths, there is nature worship aplenty across the recording - one need only view the cover art for cues - thus making Örnatorpet a perfect spiritual fit for the Nordvis collective. However, the spare 'n' plaintive textures, motifs, and general atmosphere Örnatorpet employ here suggest something far, far more ancient; like the best dungeon synth, one could confidently qualify Vid Himinsenda as "medieval."

However you can classify the album, there's no denying that Örnatorpet's Vid Himinsenda works a majestic, mesmerizing spell. Truly, this is a portal to a forgotten realm, an arcane age whisked into the present if only to be witnessed within the mind's eye. Don't blink and miss it...