Out now: Forndom - "Alster"

Oct 9 2023

Forndom was born as a reflection of bygone days – of the forests and open landscapes of central Sweden, as well as its historical heritage. Similarly, coinciding with the project’s nine-year anniversary, Ludvig Swärd muses over his own musical past.

Following the enthusiastic reception of “Och med vinden ack de gunga” – Ludvig’s re-envisioning of his droning masterpiece “Jag vet ett tempel stå" – comes “Alster” (’Creation’), a piano work of contemporary classical with a distinct Scandinavian atmosphere. Six Forndom compositions in brand new interpretations alongside “Aska”, a fresh take on an old unreleased song.

Ludvig Swärd commented:

‌The piano is a wonderful instrument. Despite its modernity, it possesses a timeless quality capable of transporting listeners to whatever place the composer wishes. For myself, the piano played a crucial role in the composition of “Faþir” and has continued to serve ever since – despite never having been heard within my songs.

The concept of creating this special album, comprising mostly previously released songs, originated from a few comments I received after posting a short video of myself performing them in this particular arrangement. Upon reflection, I became open to the idea of releasing these works in a form more closely aligned with their original versions.


1 – Jakten (‘The hunt’)
2 – Yggdrasil
3 – Finnmarken (‘The Finnmark’)
4 – Resan (‘The journey’)
5 – Fostersonen (‘The foster son’)
6 – Hemkomst (‘Homecoming’)
7 – Aska (‘Ash’)

Release date: October 6, 2023
Format: CD, Digital

Purchase link: https://nordvis.lnk.to/NVP161