Out now: Grift - Dolt land

Sep 21 2023

Grift’s fourth studio album, “Dolt land” (‘Hidden land’), is a profound exploration of humankind’s bond with nature. With folkloric sounds and heartfelt lyrics, the multidisciplinary Swedish music project takes listeners on a journey into the heart of the wild.

“Dolt land” diverges from the more metal-oriented “Budet” (2020); instead, it continues the acoustic approach of the EPs “Vilsna andars boning” (2018) and “Vilsna andars utmark” (2022). Like the aforementioned two seven-inches, “Dolt land” pays homage to Kinnekulle – a mountain whose nature, legends, and traditions have served as Grift’s main source of inspiration since the project’s conception in 2011.

Erik plays all the instruments himself – including acoustic guitar, melodica, glockenspiel, analogue synth, and percussion – and has also sampled nature sounds to create a truly immersive listening experience. Soothing and stirring, yet still feral and untamed; Grift’s evocative music will resonate with fans of Sangre de Muerdago, Anna von Hausswolff, and Nebelung.

“Dolt land” was recorded and produced by Erik Gärdefors at Eremitaget Liesmia.


1 - Silverne stig (Silver pathway)
2 - Nattens pilgrim (Pilgrim of the night)
3 - På vingar slumrande (On wings in slumber)
4 - Evas backe (Eva’s hill)
5 - En hemskog (A home forest)
6 - Gyllene sal (Golden hall)

Purchase: https://nordvis.com/grift-a-8