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Out now: Grift - "Vilsna andars utmark"

Nov 4 2022

Out now: Grift - "Vilsna andars utmark" (7" EP/Digital)

Seven-inch single on black vinyl with a heavy jacket and a four-page booklet. Limited to 500 copies.


Unfortunately, the re-press of "Vilsna andars boning" has been delayed and is now estimated to be available by early December.

With “Vilsna andars utmark” (‘Hinterland of lost spirits’) – a seven-inch consisting of two acoustic pieces – Swedish musician Erik Gärdefors further showcases his uncanny ability to capture the same sombre and nostalgic sentiments regardless of musical expression. Grift, his primary artistic outlet, is known for its seamless transitions between bleak, atmospheric metal and forest folk compositions. The project has grown prominent across multiple scenes – as evidenced by everything from prestigious splits with contemporary metal greats like Saiva and Drudkh to being billed alongside leading neofolk acts such as Sangre de Muerdago, Nebelung, and Wolcensmen.

 All vocals and instruments performed by Erik Gärdefors – recorded and produced at his hermitage.

The new EP deliberates through folkloric sounds and solemn words mankind’s bond with nature. One could say it is the spiritual and musical successor to the similarly named “Vilsna andars boning” (‘Abode of lost spirits’, 2018). Both are heartfelt homages to the flora and fauna of Kinnekulle, a mountain of which nature, legends, and traditions has served as Grift’s main source of inspiration since the project’s conception in 2011.


1. Det gröna guldet ('The green gold')
2. Furukatedralen ('The pine cathedral')

In 2013, Grift were one of the first bands to be signed to Swedish label Nordvis – a collaboration which has since yielded three critically acclaimed albums and several EPs. Erik has become a sought-after live artist, touring far and wide both with either a metal line-up or as an acoustic solo-performance. At the time of this announcement, the summer of 2022, an extensive tour known as Hymns Among Hills was just completed. This coming autumn, Grift will embark on the Lights of Oblivion European tour with Panopticon.

Regardless of instrumentation, or whether Grift performs in concert or studio, Erik always seeks to convey the sense of melancholy and existential questions that artists and thinkers throughout history have always felt a strong urge to express. Evocative escapism to, if only for a moment, sever the chains of mundanity and allow your imagination to roam free.

Erik commented:

”Vilsna andars utmark” comes as a natural continuation of ”Vilsna andars boning”. With this EP, I wanted to bring our attention to the wild enigma dwelling just outside our windows, but which is often neglected amidst the arrogance and mundanity of modern man. The green gold pulsating out there is dependent on us perpetuating its lustre. Enter the pine cathedral and let yourself be mesmerised by its flourishing freedom and mystique!