Varde was founded in 2017 by Koll (vocals), Nord (guitar) and Dar’n (drums). Koll and Dar’n had previously worked together in the band Alsvartr, and Nord was the outsider being welcomed in. Nord was active with the band Nordjevel at the time, but the seed that later became Varde was planted when he met koll through session work in 2016.Ever since the days of Alsvartr, Koll had been collecting Norwegian 19th century poems that he envisioned using in a musical context. Varde went to work, and in 2018 their debut single “Island” was released, shortly followed by their 23 minute EP “Asgaardsreien”.  These releases were recorded in several locations, most notably in an off grid cabin using a diesel generator to power the recording equipment.

The work towards manifesting a full length album continued, and in the year 2020 Varde’s first full album “Fedraminne” was released. The slightly unconventional recording techniques were the same as before, and some of the music on “Fedraminne” were recorded during the “Asgaardsreien” sessions back in 2017.