Vėlių Namai: New single and music video

Dec 15 2022

Today we present the second single – accompanied by a music video – from the upcoming album of Lithuanian ritualistic dark-folk project Vėlių Namai, due for release on January 20, 2023.

Watch & listen to “Alkai” here:

“Alkai”, the title track, was named after the sacred sacrificial sites in archaic Baltic spirituality. Most often, they were located in open places – on a hill, in a grove, by a stream, or in a meadow – and centred around a sacred tree. Worshippers would come to sacrifice oxen, sheep, goats, or other animals. In Lithuania and Latvia, there are still to this day over 240 geographical locations named after alkas.

Vėlių Namai take inspiration from these sacred places in hopes of giving listeners the strength to persevere in their own lives – to shift focus from mundane distractions to transformation, sacrality, and hope.

Band leader Julius Mitė commented:

“Alkai” is a song about passing to the other side and entering the afterlife. But most of all, it is a personal journey towards the acceptance of death. The video was shot in Lithuania – at many old, important, and personal locations. Some of the scenes are shot in an abandoned house that is now derelict but once belonged to my great-grandparents.