Vėlių Namai unveil third and final single

Jan 6 2023

“Invocation of the Nine-Horned God” is the third single from “Alkai”, the upcoming album of Lithuanian ritualistic dark-folk project Vėlių Namai, due for release on January 20, 2023.

Listen to “Invocation of the Nine-Horned God” here:

Band leader Julius Mitė commented:

The song "Invocation of the Nine-Horned God" is about an inner journey to the world of Elnias Devyniaragis: an ancient Lithuanian mythological creature. Also known as the nine-horned deer, Elnias Devyniaragis is a totem that carries celestial bodies – mostly the moon, but also the sun – on its antlers. Devyniaragis is mentioned in archaic songs as an allegory to the position of the heavenly bodies. It is said that a white deer runs away at the solstice and returns at Christmas. In some Baltic songs, the deer is also a symbol of the sun’s return, as the mythological deer holds the sun in its antlers.