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BLOOD AND SUN – Love & Ashes, LP

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Artist: Blood and Sun
Title: Love & Ashes
Release date: 2024-04-05
Spec: Black vinyl • Poly-lined innersleeve • Hot-foil jacket • 12" booklet

Introducing the re-issue of “Love & Ashes” on classic black vinyl, elegantly presented in a 3 mm spined jacket with a distinctive golden hot-foil print. Accompanied by a detailed 4-page 12" booklet, it offers an intimate glimpse into the album’s inner workings.

“'Love and Ashes” by Blood and Sun stands as a testament to the power of dark folk, melding Luke Tromiczak's compelling vocals with a rich array of passionate percussion and heartfelt strings. Produced by Bob Ferbache (Woven Hand, 16 Horsepower, Blood Axis, etc) and crafted with care across various locations, this album offers a journey of introspection and universality, shining a light on the dualistic nature of home and wanderlust.


1. Resurrection Charm
2. Stone Wrote in Stone
3. Dusk Century
4. This Hate in Me Will Pass
5. By What Road
6. Madrone
7. The Wanderer's Road
8. Love and Ashes
9. Until the Dawn

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