KVELGEYST – Alkahest, LP (Multi-Colour)

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"A spiraling and winding descent into arcane black metal pandemonium! Sounding both modern and timeless at the same time, they unleash some serious throwback Celtic Frost/Darkthrone/early Mayhem vibes while projecting its hideous aura straight into the future with a shape-shifting approach to songwriting that can’t be called anything different but “prog”, while also throwing in the mix some unexpected ambient passages and improvisational liturgic abstractions ( that yield a result of constant motion and disorienting unpredictability, as if we were facing a European version of Negative Plane or a more experimental reinterpretation of the arcane mysticism of Mortuary Drape.
All in all if you are looking for black metal with a touch of timelessness and with classic heavy metal influences mixed with a keen sense of experimentalism then KVELGEYST definitely represents one of the strongest expressions of this school of thought in black metal that’s been seen in a long time." ~ CVLT NATION
1. Basilisk - Im Angesicht des Schattenwichts
2. Miasma - Von flirrenden Götzen in stickigen Grotten
3. In der Hölle trieft der Gran
4. Demiurg - Denaturierung Holobiont
5. Alkahest - In Schall und Rauch zerflossen
6. Sefiroth - Schalenleib des Welten-Alls

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