LUSTRE - Blossom, LP

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Limited vinyl in:

- Elegant & clean outersleeve
- Black insert with silver print
- Transparent vinyl

With the release of Blossom we bear witness to something new that slowly has taken shape and now flourishes, an era of LUSTRE that has grown into something simply magnificent. With his superb talent for creating reflective, dream inducing music; multi-instrumentalist Nachtzeit has managed to take his LUSTRE to new dimensions. Blossom is an incredibly beautiful creation that treats its listener to a colorful musical journey, meditative and wondrous. An astonishing album that will have to be considered the most inspired LUSTRE release to date.


1. Part 1 (8:54)
2. Part 2 (8:38)
3. Part 3 (9:42) (
4. Part 4 (5:47) 

8/10 - Sweden Rock Magazine
8/10 -
83/100 - Ragherrie


Artist: Lustre
Title: Blossom
Release date: 2015-04-24
Format: LP
Cat #: NVP019LP
Barcode: -
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