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ÖRNATORPET – Bergtagen, LP

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Long-since sold out and frequently requested, “Bergtagen” is now being made available again through a limited print run on black vinyl.

“Bergtagen” is a gloomy and mystical journey into the darkest shrine of dungeon synth. It is profoundly inspired by archaic Swedish folklore, as well as the harsh and unforgiving forces of nature which have shaped both the country’s landscape and populace. Intended as a homage to the rusty tones of the fall, the album sounds and feels like the perfect accompaniment to solitary walks through autumnal woods. Free your mind from the shackles of modernity by allowing yourself to be immersed in the solemn, Nordic beauty of Örnatorpet.


1. I Villande Skogen 
2. Varggropen 
3. Bergakungens Port 
4. Längs Klövjestigen 
5. Bland Tomtar Och Troll 
6. Över Bäcken Uti Dalen   
7. Gullkällan 
8. Kråkans Höstvisa   
9. Kvarnagubben 
10. De Underjordiska   
11. Årstidernas Skifte


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