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PANPHAGE is a one man black metal act originating from the Swedish westcoast. It came to life in 2005 and spent the following ten years releasing demo tapes and developing its own personal craftsmanship, culminating in its 2015 debut album STORM. The music of PANPHAGE could be described as traditional black metal incorporating elements of speed metal and melancholic Scandinavian folk music. The visual as well as poetical expressions of PANPHAGE often portrays topics such as wilderness, faith and violence. The aim of PANPHAGE is to inspire its listener with ancient yet timeless awe for all things not human.

Signing to Nordvis is part of taking PANPHAGE to the next level. Many of the labels releases holds crucial qualities such as originality, devotion and sincerity. To me Nordvis deals with music for people with their feet deep in the soil while their minds wander the heavens. In this way this collaboration fits perfectly into my visions of the future of PANPHAGE.